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2014 Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Volunteer Recycling Team

Posted by youngsierrans on February 22, 2011

The annual 2014 Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade (on Greenville Avenue) is one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country (~100K people, 100+ floats).  This iconic Dallas event creates lots of recyclable waste AND opportunity for fun!

This will be our 7th year (!!) to help make St Patrick’s Day in Dallas even greener!  We’ve collected over two tons of recyclable materials in that time and are seeking volunteers to join the 2014 Parade Recycling Team to help divert even more from the landfill!

Volunteers can collect recycling from parade viewers, stroll along with our entry to promote conservation and witness the craziness of Dallas’ St. Pat’s parade from inside the barricades.  Volunteers will receive spiffy green t-shirts, and a memory of a lifetime.

Eventbrite RSVP (select the Volunteer ticket):

General Info:

  • Date: Saturday – March 15th, 2014!
  • Approx. Volunteer Time: 10a-1p (3 hrs) – Rain or Shine!
  • You must RSVP to receive a parade access badge.  Meet in the parking lot by 10am (in front of Vickery Women’s Heath Center in strip shopping mall – 8224 Park Ln #130, 75231).  Police begin closing surrounding roads by 9:30a, so please allow ample travel time.
  • Use DART to avoid parking hassles (Saturday schedule) – No parking allowed in parade staging parking lot.
  • Past Parade Recycling Effort: Photos or Detailed Info (which is similar to this year)
  • What to do between now and then?  RSVP to Volunteer on Eventbrite! Share with your friends (Facebook Page)!

More details will be provided to RSVPs as the event nears.  All are welcome to participate.

Questions: Ginger Canyon or Deborah Nixon

More info: Greenville Ave St Patrick’s Day Parade website


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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Photos (2008)

Posted by youngsierrans on March 16, 2008

Candace’s Parade Photos

Robert’s Parade Photos

Cameron’s Medley of Parade Photos

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Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue (3/15)

Posted by candace on February 16, 2008

shamrockshamrockThe Dallas Sierra Club will be entering a conservation-themed/Sierra Club awareness entry into this year’s parade scheduled for March 15th. We’re green; St. Paddy’s is green… BRILLANT! The City of Dallas has agreed to lend us up to a dozen of the blue recycling containers on wheels that we’ll push around the parade for use in gathering parade viewer recyclables.

We are seeking volunteers to help (wo)man the blue containers (two people per bin) along the parade route or just be part of the parade and walk along with the Sierra Club group. Total volunteer time will be about five hours, beginning at 9:45 AM. The parade starts at 11:00 AM (near Park Ln) and will last until about 2:15 PM (ending near Yale Blvd), after which, we can hang out to enjoy some of the festivities.

To participate, please RSVP by March 10th to the Young Sierrans’ email address or call Peter Wilson. We’ve creating “green” t-shirts, so please include your t-shirt size with your RSVP.

Peter will follow up to everyone with an email that includes additional details by March 13th. All are welcome to join in the fun!

Float Entry Number: The DSC is entry number 65 (out of 125).  Memorize this number to help you find us among the sea of other entries.

Location: The official parade staging area (where we all need to meet in the morning) is the Sam’s Club parking lot which is located just East of the Greenville Ave. and Park Ln. intersection in Dallas (Google Maps link).  The parade is about  two miles in total length and ends at the Greenville Ave. and Yale Blvd. intersection.

Time: Our “float” has a registration/line up time window from between 9:00 and 9:15 AM.  That’s when we’ll be allowed to bring the Prius and recycling bins into the parking lot and position ourselves among the other entries.  All parade participating volunteers (walkers) need to arrive at our spot in the Sam’s Club parking lot no later than 9:45 AM.  I would recommend planning to arrive at our spot a little earlier to ensure ample time to find us.  I’ll be there by 8:45.

Parking/Transportation: After doing some research of the parade route, I would recommend the following options:
1. If you don’t want to worry about parking (finding a spot appears difficult and risky – most retail parking has towing signs; nearby residential apartment parking areas are not recommended by the parade organizers), I would highly recommend using the DART Rail and exiting at the Park Ln. stop, which is about a 1/4 mile West of the Sam’s Club parking lot.  Please see the DART Blue and Red Rail Line Map and Line Schedules for more info.  Ah, conservation in action…
2. The parking lot at Park Ln. DART station (located between I-75/Central and Greenville Ave. on the North side of Park Ln.) appears to hold about 300+ spots.  This is a first come, first serve parking opportunity, and a little risky since we won’t be the first ones arriving at the staging area that morning.
3. As mentioned above, the parade ends at Yale Blvd., which is about a 1/4 mile North of the Mockingbird DART station.  You could take the rail up to the Park Ln. station from here.  There are probably 500+ parking spots in this lot.
4. If the nearby DART station lots are full, I would recommend the parking lot at Northpark Mall, which is located just West of I-75/Central (Park Ln. exit).  It’s about a 1/2 mile walk to the Sam’s Club lot; 1/4 mile walk to the Park Ln. DART station.

I can’t emphasize enough how congested this area will be.  Please plan extra time for parking, train delays and walking to our staging area in the Sam’s Club lot.

General Plan: The parade is scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM and end around 2:00 PM.  Parade awards will be distributed around 2:30 PM at the Desperados restaurant (near Yale).  The City of Dallas is providing us recycling bins which we’ll push along the parade route.  There are many breaks/stops during the parade, so this isn’t a continuous process.  We’ll be requesting recyclables from parade viewers (hand them to us), promoting SC awareness (distribute SC window decals, tattoos) and taking in the entertainment.  We can take turns performing the various roles to keep it interesting.  We’ll also have a Prius decorated with a couple of the SC banners accompanying us.  Everyone’s welcome to hang out (Trinity Hall, Barley House, J Pepes Tex Mex, TBD) to enjoy some of the festivities or go their own way after the parade.

Cost: Participation is Free! After parade festivities are individual responsibility.

Attire: We’ve asked participants to wear some type of outings attire which reflects the “exploration” mission of the Sierra Club.  Some examples include, wearing hiking gear, an empty backpack, a life vest, rock climbing rope (Candace).  Keep it simple, fun and comfortable.  Of course, this is merely a suggestion and is not mandatory to participate.  However, a day pack may be handy to carry any personal belongings you bring.

Alcohol: The parade organizer’s policy appears very strict, and since we’re representing the Sierra Club, I ask that you keep alcohol out of our entry.  There’ll be plenty of time for us to share a pint, or few, after the parade.  We’ll have definitely earned it!  Thanks.

Suggested Things to Bring:
1. Water
2. Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
3. Gloves
4. Camera
5. Snacks/sandwich (lunch)

Weather: The parade is on rain or shine.  Fortunately, the forecast is for shine.

Additional: Questions? Contact Peter/Young Sierrans by email or phone.

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