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Texas Public Utilities Commission Report on Energy Efficiency in TX

Posted by youngsierrans on January 13, 2009


Last month, the Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) released the awaited independent study on the “Assessment of the Feasible and Achievable Levels of Electricity Savings from Investor Owned Utilities in Texas: 2009-2018,” A.K.A. Energy Efficiency Potential in TX.  This assessment was conducted for the PUC by Itron, a California firm that does energy consulting and builds utility meters, and found that “there is a significant amount of untapped technical and economic potential to reduce electricity use” by Texas utilities.  The report was requested as part of the ground-breaking energy efficiency legislation, H.B. 3693, approved last session which contained all sorts of energy policy goodies.

The Itron report (269 pages) is a ringing endorsement that energy efficiency is JUST AS IMPORTANT as building new sources of energy.  It’s not posted to the PUC site yet, but the PDF file can be found here, on the Environment Texas website.  There’s a 20-page Executive Summary included.


* The proposed savings goals for 2010 (30% of load growth) and 2015 (50% of load growth) are reasonable and attainable for the majority of utility service areas.

* Texas has the potential to reduce peak demand statewide by 23% and save customers up to $12 billion on electric bills by investing in efficiency measures.

* Under all cost incentive scenarios studied, the aggregate benefits exceed costs by at least 2 to 1.

* A concerted effort to raise general awareness and provide more specific targeted marketing will increase the level of energy and dollar savings in Texas.


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