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2014 Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Volunteer Recycling Team

Posted by youngsierrans on February 22, 2011

The annual 2014 Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade (on Greenville Avenue) is one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country (~100K people, 100+ floats).  This iconic Dallas event creates lots of recyclable waste AND opportunity for fun!

This will be our 7th year (!!) to help make St Patrick’s Day in Dallas even greener!  We’ve collected over two tons of recyclable materials in that time and are seeking volunteers to join the 2014 Parade Recycling Team to help divert even more from the landfill!

Volunteers can collect recycling from parade viewers, stroll along with our entry to promote conservation and witness the craziness of Dallas’ St. Pat’s parade from inside the barricades.  Volunteers will receive spiffy green t-shirts, and a memory of a lifetime.

Eventbrite RSVP (select the Volunteer ticket):

General Info:

  • Date: Saturday – March 15th, 2014!
  • Approx. Volunteer Time: 10a-1p (3 hrs) – Rain or Shine!
  • You must RSVP to receive a parade access badge.  Meet in the parking lot by 10am (in front of Vickery Women’s Heath Center in strip shopping mall – 8224 Park Ln #130, 75231).  Police begin closing surrounding roads by 9:30a, so please allow ample travel time.
  • Use DART to avoid parking hassles (Saturday schedule) – No parking allowed in parade staging parking lot.
  • Past Parade Recycling Effort: Photos or Detailed Info (which is similar to this year)
  • What to do between now and then?  RSVP to Volunteer on Eventbrite! Share with your friends (Facebook Page)!

More details will be provided to RSVPs as the event nears.  All are welcome to participate.

Questions: Ginger Canyon or Deborah Nixon

More info: Greenville Ave St Patrick’s Day Parade website


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Dinner with Michael Brune – 9/8/2010

Posted by youngsierrans on September 7, 2010

Please join us for a special opportunity to meet National Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune.

Texas is in a unique environmental position: it is a major battleground in the national fight against coal-fired power plants, and it is also a potential national leader in renewable energy. Come listen to Michael’s thoughts on how a slight political shift could produce an environmental majority in the Texas House which could signal much smarter energy legislation leading to cleaner air and water in Texas. A new governor could help make that legislation become a reality and assure that the state environmental regulatory agency enforces the laws.

The Park City Club

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Texas Legislative Update – May 5th, 2009

Posted by youngsierrans on May 7, 2009

texas-state-capitol1From the Alliance for a Clean Texas:

Here is the list of bills that need the support as we head into the final stretch of the session (to look up your legislators, click here):

Renewable Energy: SB 545 by Senator Fraser and SB 541 by Sentor Watson
Energy Efficiency: SB 546 by Senator Fraser, HB 280 by Representative Anchia and SB 16 by Senator Averitt
Clean Air: SB 16 by Senator Averitt
Climate Change: HB 1553 by Representative Burnam and SB 184/HB 4643 by Senator Watson and Representative Chisum
Electronic Waste Recycling: HB 821/SB 761 by Representative Leibowitz and Senator Watson
Transportation: HB 300 by Representative Isett
Clean Water: SB 1748 by Senator Jackson (vote NO)

Over the next four weeks, ACT will send alerts when these bills are scheduled for important votes. The prospect of fighting for the things we believe in – a clean energy future where renewable power jumpstarts economic growth for our state or a state agency that protects citizens from harmful pollution – is exciting after the years of fighting against bad legislation and fast-tracked power plants.

With the deadline for House committees to report bills fast approaching (May 11), this week is make-or-break for good bills. We rely on you to advocate for clean energy, clean air and a sustainable future in the final weeks of the 81st Legislative Session.

Please contact Lize Burr (, at ACT, directly with any questions about particular bills or issues.

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Alliance for a Clean Texas (ACT)

Posted by youngsierrans on April 1, 2009


Are you having a challenging time keeping up with all the pro-conservation and environmental protection bills being crafted and discussed during the 81st Texas Legislative Session?

The Alliance for a Clean Texas (ACT) is making it easy for you!  The ACT is a non-profit alliance of more than 20 environmental, public interest, consumer rights and religious organizations dedicated to improving public health, quality of life and the environment in Texas by working for change at the regulatory and legislative levels.

ACT is currently tracking over 300 bills.  You can find information about ACT’s weekly Top 10 by checking out their homepage.  Drill down to each bill’s status, author and specific text by clicking the highlighted bill.

Now all you have to do is call or write your local legislators & committee chairmen and encourage them to support these important bills.  Visit Texas Legislature Online (Who Represents Me? on the homepage) to identify your senator/representative and their contact info.

To join the Action Alerts Network of the Texas/Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club to be kept current on the latest legislative session updates, sign up here.

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Plano Recycling Center Tour and Optional Lunch (10/27/07)

Posted by youngsierrans on September 20, 2007

Please join the Young Sierrans for a guided tour of the City of Plano’s Allied Waste Services Recycling Center (AWSRC). This facility unveiled state-of-the-art recycling technology earlier this year. Among the innovations incorporated into the recycling facility is computer-controlled infrared technology that recognizes and separates various types of plastics without human intervention. Materials processed at this site are shipped to more than 100 mills across the globe.

Please RSVP by October 24th to the Evite or to Peter’s/Young Sierrans’ ( email address. The optional lunch will be held at either Kelly’s Eastside or the Fillmore Pub following the tour. All are welcome; you need not be a Sierra Club member to attend.

Date: Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Location: AWSRC = 4200 E 14th St, 75074 (just East of Los Rios Blvd, South side). Kelly’s Eastside or Fillmore Pub. Both restaurants are located in downtown Plano (E 15th St and K Ave, 75074), which is less than a 10 minute drive from the AWSRC. We’ll decide after the tour.

Time: Plan to arrive at the AWSRC by 10:15 AM; the tour begins at 10:30 AM. Lunch will begin around 12:15 PM or after the tour concludes.

Cost: Tour = FREE!! Lunch = Individual responsibility.

Details: Additional details (if any) and my contact number will be sent via email to all “yes/maybe” RSVPs on 10/25. In the meantime, feel free to email me any questions. The facility will be in operation during our tour.

Weather: The tour will be held rain or shine.

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TrinityVote – Election Day Countdown

Posted by youngsierrans on September 12, 2007

With the November 6th election date fewer than two months away (early voting begins in late October!) it’s time to remind everyone that our work to protect the Trinity River Park from the proposed tollway project is not complete. There are many volunteer opportunities still available that range in time commitment – please visit or contact Brooks Love (, volunteer coordinator, for more information.

It’s important that when discussing the ordinance that you urge voters to vote *FOR* Proposition 1. The ordinance has the following effect: No road may be built within Dallas’ Trinity River levees unless it meets these criteria:

  • 35 mph or less
  • 4 lanes or fewer
  • provides direct park access

For more details and specific ordinance verbiage, please see the TrinityVote website (

10/3/07 Update – Yard signs are now available – pick yours up today to show your support!

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