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Sunset Public Hearing on TCEQ – Austin – 12/15/2010

Posted by youngsierrans on December 12, 2010

Join us on at the Sunset Public Hearing on TCEQ this Wednesday, December 15th, at the Capitol, to testify on our state environmental agency’s performance during this once-in-a-decade review process. The more people who can be with us from the different quarters of the state, the louder our messages will be heard. Together, we can make real improvements to our state’s air and water quality!

When you arrive at the Capitol:
Sign in to speak at the Sunset Hearing in Senate Finance Room E1.036 on Capitol Extension Floor 1. To get to the Extension Floor 1, take the elevators just north of the main rotunda in the Capitol to E1. Walk down the hallway, past committee hearing rooms, pass the sky-lit underground rotunda and find E1.036 in the back right of E1.

You can connect with your fellow Alliance for a Clean Texas (ACT) advocates any time in our ACT headquarters — Members’ Lounge, E2.1002
– Pick up 1-page ACT Recommendations to Sunset Commission
– 9:00 AM Breakfast
– 10:00 AM ACT Group Photo in Capitol Rotunda
– 10:30 Noon ACT Press Conference (Time changed to 10:30 AM.)

Questions/Ride-sharing from North Texas: Please contact Lize Burr at ACT

Sunset Advisory Commission’s Review of TCEQ (Released on November 18th, 2010)


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Stroll Beyond Coal – Chisholm Trail – Plano (11/20/2010)

Posted by youngsierrans on November 19, 2010

Texans across the state are participating in Beyond Coal community events to call for clean energy solutions in Texas, and raise awareness about the threat that coal-fired power poses to the state’s environment and citizen health. We are calling on our elected officials to stop the coal rush in Texas – 13 additional coal-fired power plants are in the early development or permitting process! Many of these plants will be located SE of DFW and contribute to our already poor air quality.

Join us to Stroll Beyond Coal with other Dallas area folks at our Day Hike on the Chisholm Trail in Plano! Sign the “No More Coal” petition to elected state officials, bring anti-new coal posters for photos, receive free t-shirts!!

Time/Date: 9:30 AM – November 20th
Location: Meet in front of the Starbucks/Barnes Noble in Plano (801 West 15th Street, just west of US 75)
Details: We will walk 5-6 miles on a paved path. Bring water. No reservations, just show up. Optional lunch afterward.
Leader: Judy Cato 972-238-5738(H)

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Dinner with Michael Brune – 9/8/2010

Posted by youngsierrans on September 7, 2010

Please join us for a special opportunity to meet National Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune.

Texas is in a unique environmental position: it is a major battleground in the national fight against coal-fired power plants, and it is also a potential national leader in renewable energy. Come listen to Michael’s thoughts on how a slight political shift could produce an environmental majority in the Texas House which could signal much smarter energy legislation leading to cleaner air and water in Texas. A new governor could help make that legislation become a reality and assure that the state environmental regulatory agency enforces the laws.

The Park City Club

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EPA Coal Ash Rule Hearing – Sept 8th – Dallas

Posted by youngsierrans on August 31, 2010

This is another great opportunity to remind the EPA why we need their help in Texas!

Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs), often referred to as coal ash, are residues from the combustion of coal in power plants and captured by pollution control technologies, like scrubbers. When coal ash is impounded or deposited in landfills, impoundment structures can fail and landfills can leach coal ash into groundwater. An EPA report (2007) looked at 181 coal ash disposal sites throughout the US and found that these sites release toxic chemicals and metals such as arsenic, lead, boron, selenium, cadmium, thallium and other pollutants at levels that put human health at risk. Coal ash dumped in unlined or clay-lined ponds and landfills pose the greatest risk. At least 23 states have poisoned surface or groundwater supplies from improper disposal of coal ash. Texas has one of the highest levels of coal ash generation, and is home to 21 known coal ash sites (TX Coal Ash Factsheet).

In Texas, the Brandy Branch Coal ash dump, the Southwestern Electric Power Co. coal ash dump, and the Texas Utilities Electric Martin Lake Reservoir have leaked elevated levels of selenium and toxic metals. There are no leachate collection systems in Texas, and there is no groundwater monitoring.

Coal ash is currently considered exempt waste under an amendment to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). EPA is proposing to regulate, for the first time, coal ash to address the risks from the disposal of the wastes generated by electric utilities and independent power producers. We’re encouraging that EPA support the first proposal (RCRA, subtitle C designation), to allow coal ash to be classified as a HAZARDOUS WASTE.  We hope you will join us in Cleaning Up Texas from this unchecked industrial waste which pollutes our air, land and water while risking citizen health!

> What can I do? The Dallas hearing has passed (and was a great success!), but you can still comment online or email EPA (Attention Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-RCRA-2009-0640).  The public comment period has been extended until November 19, 2010. Click here and scroll down to “Addresses” for other methods of communication.

> Related Links and Resources:
* EPA Coal Ash Rule Hearing Website (includes 8/2010 Webinar Presentations, rule background, much more)
* EarthJustice “In Harm’s Way” Coal Ash Report (released 8/26/2010)
* EarthJustice Coal Ash Myths
* NYT Editorial “Unsolved Coal Ash Problem” (9/5/2010)
* 2008 TVA Coal Ash Disater Video
* 60 Minutes – Coal Ash Segment (8/15/2010)

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EPA Oil & Gas Air Regulations Meeting (8/2/10)

Posted by youngsierrans on August 2, 2010

EPA will be conducting only TWO public meetings in the country to provide an opportunity for public involvement during EPA’s review, and potential update, of air regulations affecting the oil and natural gas industry.

The review in progress covers oil and natural gas exploration and production, as well as natural gas processing, transmission, storage, and distribution. This review may potentially affect any segment of the oil and natural gas industry, which includes, but is not limited to: Offshore drilling; onshore drilling; oil and natural gas production; natural gas processing; natural gas transmission; and natural gas distribution. You may be affected in some way by regulatory action following this review if you own, operate, work, or live near oil and natural gas operations in the segments listed above.

  • Submit Written Comments to Nick Parsons – or (919) 541-5372
  • Suggested Talking Points (click)
  • Initial EPA Announcement (click)
  • EPA Rule & Implementation Info, Meeting Presentations, Comments, etc. (click)

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EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study – DFW Public Hearing

Posted by youngsierrans on June 28, 2010

The EPA is hosting a public information meeting on the proposed study of the relationship between hydraulic fracturing (HF) and its potential impacts on drinking water. Please register to attend and/or speak at his important opportunity to voice your concerns about North Texas Barnett Shale drilling practices and risks.

WHEN/TIME: Thursday, July 8th (6:00-10:00pm)
WHERE: Hilton Fort Worth (downtown, 815 Main Street – map)
REGISTER: Due to possible venue capacity constraints, the EPA encourages everyone who plans to attend the DFW public meeting to register in advance.

WHY SHOULD I ATTEND: There is currently great debate surrounding the health and ecological consequences of the practice of gas drilling hydraulic fracturing, or “fracing” (like “cracking”), across the US/world. The North Texas Barnett Shale is experiencing a gas drilling boom, and fracing has brought urban natural gas extraction into our communities (within a few hundred of feet of our homes/schools, in many cases) and below our drinking aquifers. Industry claims that the chemicals used in their processes are safe, but they won’t disclose their ingredients (“secret formula, like Coca Cola,” one exec has quoted), stating exemption from the Safe Water Drinking Act, Clean Air Act and Superfund, as granted to them under the 2005 Energy Policy Act. Independent tests have identified dozens of neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals used in the fracing process. Locally, XTO Energy (now Exxon Mobil) submitted a request for a specific use permit for a gas well (here, here, here) on May 25 to the City of Dallas. Dallas City Councilman Sheffie Kadane said he is in favor of XTO’s plan to drill on its lease and said he hoped the two lessees would follow XTO’s single permit application with other requests for approval to drill on their existing leases. However, as far back as Feb. 2008, City Councilwoman Angela Hunt was in the minority when she expressed concern over leasing city-land for gas drilling (here).

WRITTEN COMMENTS: To submit a written comment, send your email to

For more info about the EPA HF Study Background, Intent, Timeline and Web-based Outreach, click here.

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