Young Sierrans – Dallas Sierra Club

young professionals section of the dallas sierra club


This is the official site of the Young Sierrans section of the Dallas Sierra Club. Our mission is to connect, inform and involve environmentally-minded, DFW young professionals with opportunities that explore, enjoy and protect our planet.

About the Dallas Young Sierrans

In early 2007, chairs Candace and Peter revived this life-stage section of our club.  Since that time we have organized over 100 social, educational and service events for participants. There are currently over 400 participants in the Dallas area. Gender mix is about 50/50; both singles and couples attend; average age of participants is about 30 yrs.  Generally, 15-20 people attend our monthly dinners and happy hours, which is an informal way to meet other members in the group and connect.  You don’t have to be a DSC/YS member to participate in any of our activities.

Our Site

Topics/posts (i.e., events, infoshare) are organized under the Categories heading over on the left side of this page. They may also be referenced under the Recent Posts and Archives headings and searched by keywords (i.e., green building, dinner).

All are welcome to share your content suggestions or post to this site!

If you’re interested in learning more or joining our distribution/event invitation list, please leave a comment below or email us.

We hope you can join us at an upcoming event!


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