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EPA Oil & Gas Air Regulations Meeting (8/2/10)

Posted by youngsierrans on August 2, 2010

EPA will be conducting only TWO public meetings in the country to provide an opportunity for public involvement during EPA’s review, and potential update, of air regulations affecting the oil and natural gas industry.

The review in progress covers oil and natural gas exploration and production, as well as natural gas processing, transmission, storage, and distribution. This review may potentially affect any segment of the oil and natural gas industry, which includes, but is not limited to: Offshore drilling; onshore drilling; oil and natural gas production; natural gas processing; natural gas transmission; and natural gas distribution. You may be affected in some way by regulatory action following this review if you own, operate, work, or live near oil and natural gas operations in the segments listed above.

  • Submit Written Comments to Nick Parsons – or (919) 541-5372
  • Suggested Talking Points (click)
  • Initial EPA Announcement (click)
  • EPA Rule & Implementation Info, Meeting Presentations, Comments, etc. (click)

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