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North Texas Clean Air – Ozone Public Hearing 3/16/10

Posted by youngsierrans on March 7, 2010

The North Texas Clean Air Task Force (NTCATF) is hosting a DFW area public hearing from 3-7pm on the proposed new EPA ozone pollution standard on March 16th at Arlington City Hall (map). This is the last public opportunity to voice your support before the the comment period ends on March 22nd.  Please join local concerned citizens and organizations, along with EPA Reg. 6 Administrator Dr. Al Armendariz, Arlington Mayor Dr. Robert Cluck, local elected officials (State Reps: Lon Burnam, Carol Kent, Diane Patrick, Chris Turner, Mark Veasey), TCEQ’s Tony Walker, and many others as we voice our support for healthier air quality standards which affect all of us in the North Texas area.

Why should I attend/care?

North Texas dirty air has been in violation of the Clean Air Act for 20 years now, and no previous plan has been able to reduce pollution to legal or safe levels.  The Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, EPA’s independent science advisors, concluded unanimously that the ozone standard should be set between 60‐70 parts per billion (ppb), 8‐hour average, to protect human health.  The American Lung Association has reached similar conclusions on the effects of ozone on respiratory health. Your voice/action is influential in determining the future of air quality in North Texas.

How can I show my support?

  • Join Us. We need 250+ people to fill the auditorium!  Simply attend the public hearing at Arlington City Hall on March 16th anytime between 3-7pm to show your support.
  • Join Us and Speak Out. If you have something to say, great!  We’re especially in need of speakers between 5-7pm.  You may speak out in favor of improved air quality for North Texas in many different ways.  One, pre-register for a five-minute time slot to speak by contacting Stephanie Nugent at  Two, simply show up during the public hearing and sign up to speak.  Three, fill out a comment card.  Four, video record your testimony using on-site video equipment.  Five, write/paste/draw on the large, family-friendly petition.  Six, make and bring your own signage!
  • Comment via Email. Written comments may be heard until March 22nd, 2010.  Send comments directly to the EPA, referring to “Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–OAR–2005–0172″.  Submit by mail, fax (202–566–9744) or email (  Helpful talking points about the issue can be found here.
  • Spread the Word. Dirty air affects all of us, period.  Please take a moment to share information about this public hearing and the North Texas Clean Air Task Force by supporting the efforts of many North Texas health, faith and public interest organizations.  Share this post via email, Twitter or Facebook (shortened link):

For more information about the NTCATF or the upcoming public hearing, please contact Molly Rooke.  The NTCATF is a new coalition of North Texas area organizations concerned about clean, healthy air.  Founding member groups include, Downwinders At Risk, Health Professionals for Clean Air, League of Women Voters of Dallas, Public Citizen Texas, SEED Coalition and the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club.


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