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EPA Public Hearing on Clean Air (2/2/10)!

Posted by youngsierrans on February 1, 2010

Update: For info on the March 16th 2010 hearing in Arlington, TX, please click here.

The EPA is having a public hearing on clean air tomorrow in Houston (one of three being held around the country).  Ground-level ozone is the main component of smog and is one of the most dangerous forms of air pollution.  Smog doesn’t just ruin your view; it poses serious health risks, especially to children and senior citizens.

The Clean Air Act requires EPA to set primary and secondary standards for common air pollutants, including ground-level ozone, and now the EPA is proposing a new rule to do just that.  Join the broad coalition of concerned citizens, public health advocates, and conservation groups in the Clean Air Texas coalition at a public hearing as they stand up to industry pressure and show that Americans want a strong rule that will protect our health and environment.  It should be noted that, there are TWELVE NEW coal plants proposed in Texas, and we already have 17 coal plants up and running (some of which are the dirtiest in the country *).  TCEQ and Governor Perry have threatened to sue the EPA over this proposed ruling on new ozone standards.  Giddy Up!

What can I do? Written comments may be heard until March 22nd, 2010.  Voice your opinion by sending comments directly to the EPA, referring to “Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–OAR–2005–0172”.  Submit by mail, fax (202–566–9744) or email (  Helpful talking points about the issue can be found here.

Still want to get involved, but don’t know how?  Contact Eva Hernandez.

* Texas’ Dirty Business Extra Credit (2008 DOE EIA & 2005 EPA TRI data):

  • Five (!!) TX coal plants rank in US Top 13 in Mercury emissions; Nine in US Top 35!
  • TX Ranked #1 in CO2 production (252,055,209 metric tons, 10.2% of US Total)
  • TX Ranked #5 in SO2 production (456,631 metric tons, 5.8% of US Total)
  • TX Ranked #2 in NOx production (214,990 metric tons, 6.5% of US Total)
  • Evidence of additional toxicity related to coal plant waste and emissions can be found in TX water, land, animals and people.

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