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Advocate Magazine – Dallas’ McCommas Bluff Landfill

Posted by youngsierrans on October 11, 2009

MB LandfillDid you know that the average Texan throws away 7 lbs of waste?  Or, that 30 days per year of landfill space are “saved” by recycling materials?

You can learn much more if you get your hands on this month’s great cover story in the local publication the Advocate about Dallas’ McCommas Bluff Landfill, the biggest landfill in the state (15th largest in the nation).  The story covers a wide range of topics, including local landfill and recycling operations, procedures, costs/revenues and general stats; the bioreactor technology (methane gas harnessing for resale) utilized at the facility; and the expected life of this big-business dump.

Be sure to check the “SIDEBAR” stories on the left side of the page (i.e., The Environmental Scorecard, Trash Stats).

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