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Texas Legislative Update – June 1st, 2009

Posted by youngsierrans on June 1, 2009

texas-state-capitol1Quick Summary of today’s Clean Power & Green Jobs Press Release

Clean Power, Green Energy bills that passed both bodies and WILL go to the Governor’s Desk include:
• Green fleets legislation to promote low emissions and plug-in hybrid vehicles for fleets of major State Agencies (HB 432)
• Legislation allowing cities to create financial districts to loan money
for renewable power and energy efficiency (HB 1937)
• Legislation setting a ‘no regrets’ strategy for greenhouse gas reduction in the State; a study of the state’s energy use to find ways to reduce our emissions and save money at the same time (SB 184)
• A coordinated green jobs strategy including funds allocated for child care programs, vocational training initiatives, energy efficiency measures, the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), and/or any other recovery funds (passed as a Rider to Article 12)
• Green fee bill passed allowing governing board of public colleges and universities to institute an environmental service fee once approved by student body election.

Clean Power, Green Jobs bills that passed the House OR Senate but DID NOT go to the Governor’s Desk include:
• Raising the state’s minimum residential and commercial building codes from 2001 to 2009 standards (passed Senate as SB 16 and HB 2783 in House)
• Raising the utility efficiency goal (SB 546 passed both houses but no
agreement was reached between Senator Fraser and Representative Anchia on the size of the goals)
• Adopting appliance efficiency standards for a variety of products, including pool pumps (passed Senate as SB 16)
• Creating a 1,500 MW Emerging Technology Renewable Standard (SB 541 – passed the Senate)
• Creating a $500 million solar incentive program (SB 545 – passed the Senate).
• Creating a Policy requiring utilities and retail electric providers to pay consumers fair buyback rates for excess electricity generation from renewable energy (HB 1243 – passed House and Senate, but was killed in the House through concerns over germaneness and Senate amendments.)
• High performance energy efficiency building standards for state buildings, including universities and public schools (HB 431). The Senate may pass the conference committee report today, on Sine Die.

The full press release contains information on factors which prevented bills with bipartisan support from making the Gov’s desk, other issues’ (nuclear, TV recycling, clean coal, transportation) successes/disappointments and perspectives on the session by the Sierra Club, Public Citizen, Environmental Defense Fund, Environment Texas and Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED).

The Alliance for a Clean Texas published its summary of the session and can be found on their website.


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