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Texas Legislative Update – May 8th, 2009

Posted by youngsierrans on May 8, 2009

texas-state-capitol1From the Alliance for a Clean Texas:

Great news! Senator Watson’s SB 541 has been placed on the Senate intent calendar and will soon be on the Senate floor. This bill would establish a 3,000 MW renewable portfolio standard for the state – a commitment to solar and other renewable energy very much like the one made to wind in 1999. This bill would pave the way for Texas to become the national leader in solar generation. (Today, Texas is ranked 9th in solar power generation, hard as that may be to believe.)

SB 541 is one of the two essential renewable energy bills ACT supports (ACT issues) this session. (The other bill, Senator Fraser’s SB 545, has been passed by the Senate and is now in the House Committee on Energy Resources.) Passing both bills is essential to making Texas the national leader in solar. SB 541 would establish solar and other renewable energy on a utility scale, as was done for wind. SB 545 would establish a statewide goal for distributed generation such as rooftop solar – the essential component to making Texas the leader in the booming solar manufacturing industry.

Contact your senator and simply ask him to support SB 541 and SB 545 today!
1. Who is my senator?  Click here.
2. How do I send them an email?  Click here.

Please contact Lize Burr (, at ACT, directly with any questions about particular bills or issues.


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