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2009 AFI Dallas Film Festival – EcoFlicks

Posted by youngsierrans on March 26, 2009


The AFI International Film Festival rolls through Dallas over the next week.  Here’s a run down of films I’ve come across which may be of interest to some of you.  Visit the AFI website for more info.

All general admission individual tickets are $8.50. Or, purchase vouchers and trade them in for tickets at the theaters.  Single voucher $6 / Book of 10 $50. Vouchers are available at The Dallas Morning News Box Offices at Victory Park and AMC NorthPark 15. They can be redeemed at all AFI DALLAS theaters for a hard ticket. Vouchers can also be redeemed in the Rush Line for sold-out regular screenings.

Houston, We Have a Problem (Magnolia: 3/27 – 10:30p; 3/28 – 4p)

Food, Inc. (Magnolia: 3/30 – 7:30p; 3/31 – 10p)

The Garden (Northpark: 3/29 – 6:15p; 3/30 – 1p)

Addicted to Plastic & Eco Trip: Cotton Shirt (Magnolia: 3/30 – 1p; 3/31 – 4:45p)

Crude (Northpark: 3/31 – 7:15p; 4/1 – 1p)

At the Edge of the World (Magnolia: 3/27 – 7:15p; 3/28 – 12:15p)

Upstream Battle (Magnolia: 3/30 – 7:15p; 3/31 – 4:15p)


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