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50 Ways to Eat Green (Bon Appétit)

Posted by youngsierrans on January 16, 2009

maar_bicycleAttention FOODIES and FELLOW Greenies!!

I’ve always been interested in reading, criticizing and praising the mindfulness of other people’s “lists.”  For what it’s worth, 50 Ways to Eat Green – The Bon Appétit Guide to Cooking Up a Greener World is one which I think is fairly well researched and offers a balanced take on thoughtful tips and recipes.  Author Hugh Garvey states, it “will help cut down on landfill, pesticide use, overfishing, and the consumption of fossil fuels.” Additionally, it “encourages the humane treatment of livestock, improves the welfare of workers, reduces toxic chemicals in your home, and likely makes you healthier along the way.”  Whew – that’s some list!  Does it deliver?

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