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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Comanche Peak Public Meeting (1/6/09)

Posted by youngsierrans on January 4, 2009

Comanche Peak Nuclear PlantsNuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff will hold public meetings Tuesday, Jan. 6, in Glen Rose, Texas, to discuss the environmental issues the agency should consider in reviewing a Combined License (COL) application for two new reactors proposed for the Comanche Peak site about four miles north of Glen Rose (55/75 miles from FW/Dallas).

* Videos: Click here for YouTube videos of the Feb 6th scoping meeting.

* NRC staff will also consider written comments on the environmental scoping process. Comments should be submitted no later than Feb. 17, 2009 by emailing


Date: Tuesday – January 6th, 2009
Location: Glen Rose Expo Center – Address: 202 Bo Gibbs Blvd., Glen Rose, TX 76043 (map)

Karen Hadden, Executive Director of the SEED Coalition, created this fact sheet that includes issues to raise at the scoping meeting.

Contact: Molly Rooke (mollyrooke[at]

More Info:

* About the opposition of nuclear power plants in Texas can be found at Nuke Free Texas.

* About nuclear energy as an energy alternative can be read from the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Nuclear Energy Library or their The Case Against Nuclear page.  Included is a pre-draft of Amory Lovins’ heavily researched paper concluding that nuclear electricity is more expensive (cost, carbon, reliability, security), not less expensive, than several of the other renewable “soft” energy (i.e., wind, solar, geothermal) solutions being discussed these days.


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