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New Sites: Urban Re:Vision and Urban Re:Vision Dallas

Posted by youngsierrans on December 6, 2008

revision dallas banner

What are the benefits/detriments to building the first fully sustainable urban square block in the United States – in downtown Dallas?

Urban Re:Vision and Urban Re:Vision Dallas

Link to the local NBC News coverage RE: the Dallas sustainable city block project.

Link to the Dallas Observers Blog – Unfair Park – article (Robert Wilonsky) RE: the Dallas sustainable city block project.  Contains additional info on charrette participants, general plan, sub-committees, etc.

About Re:Vision:

Re:Vision is a diverse group of people focused on changing the urban landscape by re-imagining all the components that make up a city block. From energy to transportation to commerce to community, Re: Vision believes that by finding innovative, healthy and sustainable ideas to help revitalize one urban block, we can create a blueprint for better cities everywhere.

Led by founder, Stacey Frost, Re:Vision is committed to creating the national prototype for sustainable urban living via a six-part, international competition. This competition solicits innovative, actionable plans from industry professionals and concerned citizens that address the environmental, transportation, energy, economic, and design needs of our urban areas. At the completion of the competition an entire major-market city block will be renovated into a wholly sustainable urban community thereby creating a template that can be incorporated into additional cities throughout the United States.

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  1. Ian said

    Watch NBC News Dallas cover the downtown announcement –

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