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Geothermal Energy

Posted by youngsierrans on October 7, 2008

Open to the Public:

When: October 30th, 2008
Where: Dallas City Hall-L1FN Conference Room B – 1500 Marilla, Dallas, TX 75201
Time: NOON – 1:00 pm
Speaker: Rick Horvath (
Reservations: William Brewer at
Description: Training will be on how to reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills by using the free and renewable energy found in your back yard. This is done with the use of a geothermal system for your heating, cooling, and hot water heater. Mr. Rick Horvath has been in the air conditioning industry for about 25 years and is one of eight certified geothermal designers in the state of Texas. He has been involved with over 10,000 houses from 1,800 sq ft to 43,000 sq ft applying our money saving geothermal systems.

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