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Sustainable Landscaping Brown Bag Luncheon (7/22/08)

Posted by youngsierrans on July 11, 2008

When: July 22
Where: Dallas City Hall-L1FN Conference Room A – 1500 Marilla, Dallas, TX 75201
Time: NOON – 1:30 pm

The worm, nature’s workhorse, does wonders for our environment and agriculture. Charles Darwin considered the worm the most important living thing on the planet. In its natural setting, a worm breaks down organic matter, tills, fertilizes and creates new topsoil.

Deborah Hair, CEO of the landscape design company OM Studios will present a thermal composting workshop, designed to provide a better understanding of the eco-system of worms. The program will include a demonstration of vermicmpostting (a compost system using worms) and how to create a vermicomposting bin. The presentation will show how Eisenia Fetida, a native Texas worm, processes materials to create organic soil and how to easily and effectively manage these worms to reduce everyday waste.

An educator for 20 years, Hair has started schoolyard gardens, written curriculum to support school gardens and been a contributing writer for Worm Digest and numerous webzines. Formerly a consultant for the City of Coppell and the Coppell Community Garden, she is currently a Master Composter Trainer for the state of Texas.


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