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Sierra Club Campaign – Lightbulbs to Leadership (7/17/08)

Posted by youngsierrans on June 26, 2008

7/10/08 Update: There will be a L2L House Party at Cafe Lago (near White Rock Lake – website) on 7/17. Click here to register to attend and get more info!
From the Sierra Club national/state organization:

Here’s a Bright Idea: Host a “Lightbulbs to Leadership” House Party – July 17th, 2008

We’re riding our bikes to work, hanging our clothes on the line, replacing incandescent lightbulbs with CFLs – all in the quest to reduce our personal carbon footprint. And those are important steps. But to really solve global warming, we need to change more than lightbulbs: we need to change direction. We need action that is strong, urgent and bold enough to get the job done.

What can you do? Send a shout-out to friends and neighbors and invite them to a “Lightbulbs to Leadership” house party at your place on July 17. Yours will be one of hundreds of house parties across America organized for a night of action. How will that help?

* You and hundreds of others gathered in living rooms around the country will be part of a national conversation with Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and a special guest about our strategy to stop global warming and how it is creating new economic opportunity and clean, green jobs across America . They’ll also issue a call to action.

* You’ll help your friends and other guests learn about where we are with climate change and where we need to go.

* You and your guests will be part of a unified action that will get the attention of leaders around the country.

* You’ll get to have a party at your house, and that’s always a good time!

To host a House Party: Here’s what we’re asking you to do: Visit and click on the “Host a house party” button. Take a few minutes to fill in the blanks about your party, hit “finish” and you’ll instantly have your own personal house party page. From there you can send email invitations to friends, keep track of whose coming, and download a step-by-step house party how-to guide, fact sheets to distribute, and other materials.

Want to attend and not host: If you can’t host a house party, go and click on “Find a house party” to see if there’s one already happening near you to attend.

It’ll be an important night – not to mention a lot of fun. To get more info, see the Sierra Club video located at

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