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Jazz Under the Stars (6/5/08)

Posted by candace on May 9, 2008

June’s dinner is being combined with the Dallas Museum of Art – Jazz Under the Stars (JUTS) concert series in downtown Dallas (link) . This is a free concert starring The Texas Gypsies (link) that begins at 8:00 PM.

How it’ll work:

  • Please RSVP so we can “save” enough lawn space with blankets/picnic baskets/coolers so we all have a spot to sit together.
  • Since we’re not sure how popular this concert will be, please plan to arrive by 7:00p so you have time to park, join us on the lawn and relax by enjoying your beverage of choice while watching everyone else try to find a seat.
  • If you want to join us for Happy Hour, please arrive any time after 6:00 pm and find us on the lawn.
  • We will be located near the sculpture, close to the center of the lawn (and in a shady section, if possible). Peter will be wearing a dark green SC t-shirt.
  • Parking is available in lots one block east of the museum between Olive and Pearl (on Flora) or in the DMA garage (if you’re a member), but may become less available as it nears 8:00p. Google Maps provides a representative image of the area using the below address.
  • Don’t forget, you can also tour the museum while waiting for the concert to begin.

What to bring:

  • Food/Drink: The easiest way to do this is for individuals/couples to be responsible for their own food and drink (i.e, to-go sandwiches/salads/etc., some snack foods and beverages of choice). Feel free to reach out to other YS members if you want to go in on a more elaborate spread (comment to this post). Some food and beverages are available for sale at the event ($$).
  • Outdoor picnic essentials: extra blanket/cushion for your bum, bug spray, sun block (if you’re there early) or hat, plastic cups (for wine), extra napkins or dish towels, extra water, bottle opener, portable cooler only as large as you need (you’ll have to carry/roll this to/from the lawn), check weather and dress appropriately – this is a casual affair.
  • Chairs: In the past I’ve seen people bring low-rise chairs but I think they’re more hassle than they’re worth. We should be able to reserve enough space so that we’ll be able to see the elevated stage over any chairs which may be immediately in front of us.

All 20s/30s are welcome; you need not be a Sierra Club member to attend. Please RSVP by 6/4 either to the Evite or to so we have a good estimate for seating.

** DMA – Downtown, 1717 North Harwood, 75201 – Ross Ave Plaza/JUTS stage/concert area is on the south side of the DMA property (general phone: 214-922-1200). **


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