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Rehoboth Ranch Guided Tour and Picnic Lunch (5/10)

Posted by youngsierrans on March 20, 2008

We have the opportunity to tour the Rehoboth Ranch which is located in Greenville, TX. Robert Hutchins, owner of the ranch, participated in the January Dallas Sierra Club program and discussed how his family raises clean beef and lamb, without synthetic hormones and steroid drugs, on pastures untainted by pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

Date: May 10th, 2008

Time: Arrive around 11:30 AM to the ranch to have our picnic lunch. The tour will begin around 1:00 PM and will last about two hours. The picnic lunch is optional.

Ranch Location: 2238 County Road 1081, Greenville, TX, 75401

Weather Policy: This event will be held light rain or shine – heavy t-storm activity in the Greenville, TX area will result in this event being canceled/postponed. Please check here for a weather/event update which will be posted by 8:30 AM Saturday morning. I will also send an email to this distribution if the outing is canceled/postponed by 8:30. Please call Peter on Saturday morning after 8:30 if you don’t have access to a computer.

Plan: We’ll start with a picnic lunch (picnic tables available; bring blankets if you want) under shade trees. The tour will begin in the Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy with an opportunity to milk a goat, followed by a pasture walk (about one mile in total length, down and up a slight hill) to see the grass fed organic free range cattle, goats, pigs, chickens and turkeys. Educational oriented talk about each organic enterprise and how they work together to be sustainable. We’ll conclude by gathering eggs from the portable hen houses (eggmobiles).

The ranch also has a store on the property where you can purchase a variety of the meat (vacuum packed and frozen) raised at the ranch. Robert mentioned that on the 10th, they should have a good selection of beef and chicken (and eggs) available; with a limited selection of lamb and pork. Additionally, they sell honey, jerky and healthy cooking supplies and supplements.

Guide: Our tour guide will be Robert Hutchins, owner of Rehoboth Ranch. Robert has been ranching organically since 1980, and operating Rehoboth Ranch full time with his family since 2000. Robert is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy, retired from the Navy, and a former executive with Raytheon, Inc.

Lunch: Please pack your own lunch and post-tour snacks.

Consider Bringing: Water, sunblock, hat, camera, comfortable/durable shoes you can wear in a pasture (about one mile in length), raincoat/umbrella in case of light rain, simple outdoor activity item in case you finish your lunch early (i.e., Frisbee, ball and glove, book, etc.).

Cost: $5 per participant for the tour. $x for ride-sharing, if Rider (see below). Lunch is individual responsibility.

Liability Release: Be sure to find Peter once you arrive at the ranch to sign a Sierra Club liability release form. This will be required for all participants who wish to tour the ranch with our group. Thank the lawyers.

Parking: Plan to park along the gravel road at the ranch (you’ll see cars).

Ride-Sharing: Since we all live in different parts of town, I recommend meeting in your “neighborhood” to ride-share. One idea is that we have Drivers (people who don’t mind driving) meet at well known locations (i.e., REI Dallas/Plano, Central Market Dallas/Plano) to pick up Riders. This allows us to easily gather and leave cars in safe parking areas. Depending in which part of town you live your travel time to the ranch will vary. I’d plan on 60 to 90 minutes travel time from the Dallas Metro area, but use the driving directions feature on a mapping software for a better estimate.

This link will take you to our online ride-sharing file. Instructions are on the file.

  • Drivers: You don’t have to publish your phone numbers in the file. I recommend Riders reach out to you by email to confirm they need a ride and plan to meet you at a meeting location at your specified pick-up time prior to sharing your phone number. Do exchange phone numbers in case a Rider cancels or cannot find you at the meeting location.
  • Riders: Please give the Drivers enough advanced notice that you’re interested in riding and going to meet them at a pick-up/gathering location. Please provide your contact phone number when you initially reach out to them and let them know if you need to cancel. Please be considerate and help pay for the Driver’s fuel and driving expenses.

Questions/Concerns: Contact Peter at the Young Sierrans or his email address.

Link to:

Dallas Sierra Club Site

Original Ranch Outing Listing on the DSC Site

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!


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