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Memorial Day Bus Trip — Backpacking Bandelier

Posted by Robert on March 1, 2008

You can now sign up for the Memorial Day bus trip. This year’s destination is Bandelier National Monument — one of my favorite bus trips. Backpacking Bandelier is a great way to see things a casual tourist can’t get to.
Check out the details here.

If you haven’t been  on a Dallas Sierra Club backpacking trip, I would highly recommend signing up for one of the upcoming beginner backpacking trips to build confidence in your gear and ability (and let the leaders know you have both).

Bus trip participation isn’t limited to the YS age group, but Bandelier is a great destination, and great fun for a very moderate price. Since the sleeper bus drives at night, you save vacation days too.

If anyone’s questions  aren’t answered in the verbose trip description, I’ll be happy to share stories from my past 13 (or 14?) bus trips on one of our upcoming social events.

2 Responses to “Memorial Day Bus Trip — Backpacking Bandelier”

  1. Steven said

    I wanna go , whats the cost info etc… ?

  2. Robert said

    Click on the (blue) link above (it says “Check out the details _here_”).

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