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City of Denton Biodiesel Production Facility Tour and Lunch (4/12)

Posted by youngsierrans on March 1, 2008

This Denton-based biodiesel plant is being hailed as the first “renewable energy plant to run on renewable energy”. The plant powers the production facility on renewable biogas collected from a nearby landfill. The city of Denton and California-based Biodiesel Industries opened the production facility at the city’s landfill site in 2005. Denton’s biodiesel plant is selling its excess vegetable-oil derivative fuel, B20 (80% petroleum and 20% biodiesel), directly to retailers and using it to run its city’s garbage trucks, service trucks and buses. Powerpoint presentation info. City of Denton website content. EPA recognition.

(3/4 update) Unfortunately, the biofuels industry is taking a beating these days and Biodiesel Industries is closing many of their facilities around the nation. After speaking with their local Director of Operations (our tour guide), he informed me that there’s a likelihood that the Denton-based plant may be shut down at anytime. However, he’s accepted our request for a guided tour and Q&A session and we’ve tentatively scheduled it for Saturday, April 12th (backup date is 4/19). There’s a limitation of 20 participants, so, first come, first serve. I will confirm next month’s operations at the beginning of April. If the facility’s open, we’re on! A confirmation email, which contains additional tour details, will be sent to all interested participants once it’s determined that this tour will take place or not.

We’ll also plan to grab lunch in the Denton area. Restaurant is TBD.

Please RSVP by April 8th. All YS are welcome to participate; you need not be a Sierra Club member to attend.

Date: Saturday, April 12th.

Time: Tour will begin at 10:00 AM in Denton. Meet to ride-share earlier that morning.

Location: City of Denton Landfill. Specific address will be posted later.

Ride-Share: This link will take you to the online ride-share file for this event.  Please contact Peter if you have any questions or problems.

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