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TrinityVote – Election Day Countdown

Posted by youngsierrans on September 12, 2007

With the November 6th election date fewer than two months away (early voting begins in late October!) it’s time to remind everyone that our work to protect the Trinity River Park from the proposed tollway project is not complete. There are many volunteer opportunities still available that range in time commitment – please visit or contact Brooks Love (, volunteer coordinator, for more information.

It’s important that when discussing the ordinance that you urge voters to vote *FOR* Proposition 1. The ordinance has the following effect: No road may be built within Dallas’ Trinity River levees unless it meets these criteria:

  • 35 mph or less
  • 4 lanes or fewer
  • provides direct park access

For more details and specific ordinance verbiage, please see the TrinityVote website (

10/3/07 Update – Yard signs are now available – pick yours up today to show your support!


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