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Lunch & Green Building Tour (7/21)

Posted by candace on June 30, 2007

Please join us for Lunch followed by a Green Building Tour. We will start by meeting for lunch at Obzeet ( Then, we will head up to McKinney to view a new Green Building, designed by HDR for developer West World Holding, Inc., completed in April 2006. This building is one of the first in the country to receive a LEED Core & Shell Platinum Certification rating, the highest available through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) rating system.


Date: Saturday 7/21

Time: 12 pm at Obzeet & 2 pm at Green Building

Cost: Food is individual responsibility. Tour is FREE!

Your are welcome to come to one or both of these activities. All 20s/30s are welcome; you need not be a Sierra Club member to attend. Please RSVP by 7/19 to the evite or We hope to see you there!

** Obzeet – 19020 Preston Rd, Dallas, 75252 Phone: 972-867-6126 **

** McKinney Green Building – 4500 W Eldorado Parkway, 75070 **

Here is some additional information about the McKinney Green Building:

The building is projected to reduce energy use by over 70 percent from a similar, conventional office building. The 61,000-square-foot office building features a number of innovative and significant sustainable design elements that contributed to it being awarded the highest rating possible for a high-performance building.

Key sustainable design features of the McKinney Green Building include:

* 62 percent reduction in energy use (versus a building that meets basic ASHRAE 90.1 standards) due to an energy-efficient building envelope, use of sunshade devices, an underfloor air distribution system, efficient fenestration and high insulation R-value for roof and walls.
* Rooftop photovoltaic system that supplies approximately 10 percent of the building’s electric demand, and designed to accommodate future expansion.
* A two-year contract with a Texas wind energy provider.
* Use of occupancy and daylight sensors for lighting control and energy savings.
* Open plan design that maximizes daylight filtration and views to the outdoors.
* High daylight glazing that allows sunlight to penetrate into the building, while exterior sunshades bounce daylight deep into the building core.
* Reduced water usage due to waterless urinals, and low-flow toilets and faucets.
* Reduction in site irrigation requirements because of drought-tolerant landscaping.
* Designated HOV parking spaces, plug-in stations for alternative fuel vehicles and bicycle racks/shower facilities.
* Underground stormwater storage system for rainwater harvesting.
* Low- or no-VOC paints, adhesives and sealants.
* Formaldehyde-free wood panels and FSC-certified wood products.
* 46 percent of materials manufactured regionally, and 11 percent with post-consumer and post-industrial content.
* Stone, brick and stucco finishes that require minimal maintenance and provide maximum durability.

The high-performance building has also received the Texas Renewable Energy Association’s 2006 Building of the Year, and a Top 10 Award from the Dallas/Fort Worth Topping Out 2007.


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