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Urban Assault Bike Adventure Race (6/17)

Posted by candace on June 3, 2007

Urban Assault is an upcoming bike adventure race that I participated in last year. It’s a lot of fun! I will be participating again this year and wanted to be sure that all of you were aware of this event. It will NOT be a Young Sierrans “official” event. Please feel free to check out the below link for more information and to sign up. If you have any questions, please email me (Candace) at

The Urban Assault Race™ is a combination of an Adventure Race, Scavenger Hunt and Bike Race. Mental muscle is just as important as ripped quads – teams of 2 choose their own course to checkpoints around the city. The race is well-known for its checkpoints where fun physical and mental challenges must be completed before moving on. Some checkpoints are listed prior to the race, others must be found during the race.

Racers can be ages 7 – 100…anybody can do it! Male, Female, and Co-ed Teams will ride a total distance of 25-35 miles. Family Teams (requiring one racer to be 7-12 years old) will ride around 15-20 miles.

The first team to complete all the checkpoint and return to Start/Finish wins the race! Then the party begins! It is “The most fun you will ever have on a bike”!


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